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Buy eTickets for basic guided tour the Zlatá Koruna Monastery

Etickets for persons will need to be booked online at least 48 hours before the start time.


Choose the date, guided tour and number of persons. Pay with credit card!

E-ticket is valid in printed A4 format only. This ticket guarantees acces to the entrace. Please accept these terms and condition.

We have for eTickets specify time per day. 

Book eTickets:
Buy your ticket online and to get a time slot for your visit. Click on date and time guided tour and to follow on website instruction.

Etickets are only for visitors for have active payment gateway.

Once we have a response on e-mail. E-ticket is valid in printed A4 pdf format only.  

Free of charges is not available online tickets. The Visitors with reduced charges must presented  with passport. (no apply for Children up to 6 years)